Sustainability / energy

Environmental management

Preserving the environment and shaping the future is our aim.

Our aim is to create an environment which can be sustained for our descendants.

We pay attention to an economical use of our resources, a careful handling of the environment and an economical use of operating materials such as water and energy.

Already at R&D stage we pay attention to a resource-saving use of raw materials. We involve our suppliers and customers in our efforts to gain the highest possible level of sustainability.

Our aims are

  • to avoid waste
  • to produce generally recyclable products
  • to act on applicable legal obligations and laws
  • continuous improvements of the work environment and technology
  • to work in an energy saving way and increase efficiency

Our successful certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 confirms our endeavour.

Examples of contributions to the environment are:

  • inline-recycling concept
  • reuse and processing of customer’s recycling material (closed loop)
  • new since 2023 - Installation of a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system
  • electricity from renewable sources
  • in-house water treatment system and water cooling system
  • zero-granulate-loss (an initiative of the German plastic federation proK)

"Electricity from renewable energies - certificates"

"Sustainability at MITRAS - A presentation"



Energy management

Avoidance even before reduction.

It is a matter of principle for us to use resources as efficiently as possible in order to protect the environment in a sustainable way.

We are working continuously to improve our energy efficiency and reduce thus energy consumption in the long term.
We pay as well attention to the procurement of energy-efficient products and services. Consequently, we also continuously develop our products further to achieve and increase durability and safety for our customers.

In this process we ensure that the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001 are implemented correctly and that the processes within this energy management system are continuously improved.

Our latest measure is the installation of a modern photovoltaic system. By utilizing renewable energies, we actively contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and ensure that an ever-increasing portion of our energy needs is met from sustainable sources.


  • monitoring of our consumption to determine CIP measures
  • optimisation of our building technology with regard to energy efficiency
  • optimisation of our plant technology with regard to energy efficiency



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