Quality is our highest priority

The highest priority for our work in all areas of the company is given to customer-oriented solutions in reliable and stable quality to demanding problems. For this purpose, our target of our common  activities is to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and partners to their complete satisfaction.

The certification of our company according to the current standard DIN EN ISO 9001 offers additional security to processors and users.

The management system of MITRAS Materials regulates the organisational procedures, responsibilities, processes and the provision of the necessary resources. It serves to ensure the implementation of our business policy and the achievements of our objectives. Regularly conducted audits monitor and adjust it if necessary. Our corporate policies are available upon request.

For us, consensus with clients is the basic condition for building and maintaining a long-term business partnership based on mutual trust.


Quality objectives (company-related)

  • continuous improvement of market acceptance
  • securing the company's existence
  • continuous improvement in all areas


Quality objectives (product-related)

  • increased reliability
  • environmental compatibility
  • fault-free deliveries


Quality objectives (customer-related)

  • increased customer satisfaction
  • reduction of lead times


Quality objectives (superordinate)

  • reduction of non-value-added activities
  • encouraging employees to take responsibility for their own work


Further measures

  • continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • regular internal product and process audits
  • internal improvement suggestion system
  • LEAN management
  • regular shift meetings
  • regular training of employees
  • analyses by our own laboratory

Recycling in various forms:

  • MITRAS Materials is a pioneer in the recycling sector.
  • All products are recyclable.
  • future-oriented, economical recycling concept
  • recycling concepts especially developed with customers

Information sheet for contract reprocessing and regrind processing of thermoplastics

Sustainability / energy


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